7.5 T Driver

We are looking to recruit a 7.5 tone van driver for one of its customers based in Skelmersdale.

The job entails loading your vehicle and delivering the products to private and commercial properties.

You be responsible for making sure that the customer is satisfied with the delivery and setting up of the product if it has been arranged.

Job Type-

You will have a drivers mate with you when you are delivering as it is a two person job.

The hours start from 7am and carry on till you finish, providing you are in your hours.

It is a temporary position, having said that the company will recruit from our workforce.if a position becomes available.

This is not a 9 to 5 position it is long hours, very rare you are home for 5pm, you will also be on a rota that encompasses weekend working and the rota is 5 on 3 off.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications-

Previous experience would be advantageous, however we all have to start somewhere so please don't be put off by not applying. The company can and does send people on training coursers re installation work so that you can be up skilled.

You will also have to be driver assessed which consists of around 4.5 miles route with an instructor.


As above training can be offered and this is usually re installation, other courses do exist and would be decided when moving over to full time employment.

Ring Tom on 0151-665-0660